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The sexy belote rules:
The sexy belote

Players form two teams of two partners. Partners sit at opposite seats.
Here are the rank and value of cards:

The pack is never shuffled at Belote. The player before the dealer in rotation (i.e. the player to dealer's left) cuts the pack. The dealer gives a set of five cards to each player and turns the next card face up.

The player after the dealer in rotation (the player to dealer's right) can now "take", i.e. choose the turn-up card suit as a trump, or pass. If this player passes, the next player can take or pass, and so on around the table. If all 4 players pass, each in turn has a second chance to take, choosing a trump suit other than that of the face up card. If all players pass a second time, the cards are collected together and the next player in rotation deals.

As soon as a player takes (in the first or second round of bidding), the bidding ends. The taker is given the turn-up card (whether it is a trump or not) and the deal resumes. Each player except the taker is dealt a further packet of three cards, and the taker is dealt only two cards.

The taker's team must score at least 81 point to win. If this team doesn't manage to score 81 points, the opponent team scores 162 points. If a team win all the tricks, it's « Capot » and the winning team scores 250 points.

The next player in rotation after the dealer (the player to dealer's right) leads a card. The subsequent players must follow suit if they can. If the card led is trump, subsequent players must not only follow suit, but also play a trump card that beats all previous cards if they can, whoever holds the trick at this stage.

As in most trick-taking games, the player who won the trick has the lead to the next one.

Trumping: If a player is unable to follow to a non-trump suit, and at his turn to play the trick is held by an opponent, he must trump if he can, otherwise he may discard any card. If his partner holds the trick he is free to either trump, or discard any card.

Overtrumping and undertrumping: If a player is unable to follow a non-trump suit, and the opponent just before him has trumped, he must overtrump if he can. If he has trumps but is unable to overtrump, he must still play a trump, although he does not benefit from doing so. This is termed "undertrumping", or "pisser" in French Belote jargon.

Belote and Rebelote: If a player holds both King and Queen of trump, he must say belote while playing the first one and rebelote while playing the second one. His team will score 20 points more.

To summarize these last rules,the trumping, overtrumping and undertrumping requirements are relaxed when the partner holds the trick (in French: le partenaire est maître).

The last trick counts 10 points for the team who wins it. This is called "Dix de Der" in French; "Der" is a shortening of Dernier, the last.

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